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In the face of the seismic impact on the events industry during the 2019 pandemic, we didn't just adapt – we evolved. Venturing into the uncharted waters of television production, we pitched our creative vision to Astro TV Malaysia. In 2019, the result was "Borneo Culinary Adventures 乡遇食光 - Sabah 沙巴 (Season 1)" a 13-episode odyssey exploring Sabah's culture through its rich culinary tapestry. Amidst the challenges, our show soared to No.1 viewership, prompting the creation of the sequel, "Borneo Culinary Adventures 乡遇食光 - Sarawak 砂拉越 (Season 2)"

Borneo Culinary Adventures 乡遇食光 - Sabah 沙巴 (Season 1)



Borneo Culinary Adventures 乡遇食光 - Sarawak 砂拉越 (Season 2)


Our storytelling prowess didn't stop there; we delved into mysteries and cultures with "Mystery of Borneo 神秘的婆罗洲" under Channel Shuang Xing 双星, unraveling tales of Borneo Headhunters, cave burial traditions, witchdoctors, and more. In another flavorful venture, we cooked up "Happy Food Truck 快乐餐车” for TV2 Malaysia. This culinary journey saw local influencers teaming up with celebrities to explore Sabah's ingredients, creating dishes on a food truck, with proceeds going to charity.


Mystery of Borneo 神秘的婆罗洲



Beyond the screen, our lens captures the essence of corporate and government bodies, producing commercial videos and music videos. Some went viral, hitting over millions of viewership. At Teamup Event, we don't just adapt; we transform challenges into captivating stories that resonate across screens, creating connections and leaving an indelible mark on diverse audiences. 📺🌟


“Here In Sabah” – Visit Sabah MTV Promo Video

Bataras Hypermarket CNY Corporate Video

Sasa Drinking Water Commercial Video

Tuah Baker Commercial Video

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